Who we are

Summit Academy was founded by Geoff Urton and Adrian “Beebs” Liem.

Geoff and Adrian met over 20 years ago on the playing field as competitive athletes and coaches, in a then-esoteric sport known as Ultimate.

Through their own unique paths, both Geoff and Adrian rose through the ranks in large complex organizations, gaining a breadth of specialized professional skills and leadership experience, all the while upholding a core value and belief in the power of developing people.

Independent from one another, they both became ICF-certified coaches and — after accumulating hundreds of hours of experience coaching a wide range of professionals between them — Geoff and Adrian reconnected. While talking about their work as leadership and organizational coaches, they began reminiscing about their days coaching Ultimate teams, and quickly saw the parallels to coaching people through their personal and professional goals:

Personal development has the ability to transform the individual in a way that supports the individual to then transform the people around them, and through them, the world.

The seed of an idea was planted, and after many weeks of “jamming” with ideas around leadership, professional development, and coaching — much like a band jams with melodies, lyrics, and musical arrangements — a venture was formed and a new journey began.

What we do

Each one of us wants to make a difference for something deeply important to us. You can call this a passion, a calling, or a purpose.

Summit Academy was created to allow you to fulfill your purpose with intention.

We develop purpose-driven people into leaders who make transformational change for themselves and the communities around them.

Reach new peaks in your work and your life, and see the impact you'll make on the world.

 — Summit Academy —

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