Discern Your Most Important Work

Discard the Rest

In work and the rest of life, we often have the experience of being blown around by all of the demands coming at us, like a sailboat listing in changing winds. Our default approach as people is usually to either engage in a new task immediately as it comes to us or to avoid it until a later date. We are making these decisions continually and yet we are not usually conscious that we are making these decisions ourselves. 

The outcome is often a general experience of feeling overwhelmed and ineffective, not certain of whether what we accomplished in a day was truly important. 

This tutorial provides a simple and effective tool to aid your decision making as you prioritize how to spend your invaluable time, empowering you to be more effective and satisfied in your work. 

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Discerning What's Important

    • Discerning What's Urgent

    • What to Do Now

    • Decide When

    • What to Delegate

    • Dump and Communicate

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